How to Stay Safe in Our Own Homes

There are a lot of things we don’t know regarding our household furniture. You might want to know these different facts that you can apply so that you will have a much more safe and healthy life. Today we will talk about the different germs, parasites, and pests that can be found in your home and how to keep kill them or prevent them from causing you sickness. This article might talk about furniture removal and the different germs that are in your furniture.

Germs, Parasites, and Pest that can be found in our house:

There are billions and billions of bacteria that are in earth. Some might help you in terms of health but most of it can harm you in the most unexpectable moment.

1. Micrococcus

The micrococcus is a bacterium that has a spherical figure. It can be detected in our skin, soil, meat products, and even in the liquid that we drink, water. This bacterium eats the dead and decomposing objects. A micrococcus can cause sweating and smelling badly. Micrococcus is actually quite sensitive in moist heat or dry heat, micrococci may be significantly reduced at temperatures >45 °C, pH <6, and in high salt concentrations (>15%) (9).

2. Bacillus

This bacterium is a rod like shape one, like the micrococcus it is a saprophyte which means it feeds of dead and decomposing materials. Although not all bacillus can be really harmful but some of the bacterium can cause food poisoning and illnesses and infections. This bacterium can be found in our digestive system, soil, water, and dust. Bacillus can be killed by wet heats.

3. Staphylococcus

Another sphere-shaped bacterium comes staphylococcus. This bacterium is can be found typically in our skins, and can also be detected in our nasal passages, throats, and hair. Staphylococcus can be a cause of food contamination and skin diseases, as well as toxic shock syndrome. To treat this bacterium, use a bleach solution in the bath as a body wash, keep fingernails short and clean, and lastly change and wash every day.

4. Streptococcus

This bacterium can be found in our furniture and sheets. This bacterium is one of the reasons why we should brush our teeth, streptococcus tend to live in our teeth so brushing every day is a must. Streptococcus can cause strep throat, scarlet fever, toxic shocking syndrome, Cellulitis and necrotizing fasciitis. To prevent this bacterium to spread you can use anti-biotics to kill it.

There are billions of more bacteria that surrounds our earth and us, if they are not treated correctly, they may end up causing us sickness or even worse death. So, we should be more aware of the living bacteria in our home and bodies. We hope that this blog helped you know more about the different bacteria that lives in our homes and bodies, and hopefully you will have a much safer life and a healthy one too. You can always call a furniture removal service if you want to change or design a new furniture.

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