Must You Choose Sod Over Grass Seed?

No lawn is ever complete without grass. There are actually two ways to make your lawn green. You can do it the traditional way of growing grass from seeds or you may simply lay sod over the soil and wait for it to grow its roots into the ground.

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If you choose the grass seed route, then you assume the role of the grower. It’s actually an advantage to advanced gardeners, as they can experience, influence, and control all steps of the lawn installation process. Planting grass seeds means you’re starting with the germination process, and then it goes to rooting, up until you see the development of lush, thick, and green grass on your lawn. If you choose to start your lawn from the seeds, then you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1. Lower initial costs

It won’t cost you a fortune to buy even the highest quality of grass seeds. If you compare the price you’ll spend in buying premium grass seeds to buying sod for the same lawn area, you’ll see a huge difference. The initial investment is way lower if you germinate grass seeds yourself.

2. Less labor intensive

Regardless if you’re doing the job yourself or you’re going to hire landscapers to handle the job, you’ll be glad to know that planting grass seeds don’t require as much work as laying down sod. It’s quite simple to seed a lawn. It’s not too difficult to learn at all, even if this is the first time you’re doing it.

3. More grass choices

You have more options when it comes to grass variations when you’re getting seeds instead of buying sod. Much because you have a lot of choices before you, you get to choose the varieties that are most compatible with your location and the prevailing weather conditions. Choosing the right grass is crucial because it will spell the level of maintenance your lawn requires.

4. Better rooted grass

The main difference between grass and sod is that the former is more established than the latter. If you decide to plant seeds, then you’re sure that the grass will grow right at the same spot that you planted them. You can’t always say the same with sod because the roots would have to find its way into the ground and you can’t predict where.

Grass Seeds versus Sod

These are all the advantages of planting grass seeds, but these don’t go without disadvantages, too. If you choose to install sod, then you’re actually making your job a lot simpler. Sods are grass seeds grown by farmers placed in thin soil over a netting material. It is usually sold in rolls or squares, thus making it easier for you to just lay it over your lawn and go from there.

Planting seeds take time, and everybody knows that. If you want to save time in installing your lawn, then you’re better off laying sod instead. Sod will give your lawn a finished look right after installation. To know more about sodding, find the most reputable sod company Spring Hill has ever produced. They should be able to guide in every step of the sod installation process.

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